Saturday, September 19, 2015

32 Ford HiBoy Roadster - After A Hiatus

After a really busy year I finally got around to visiting a car show. This year's Windsor Cruise-In during the Harvest Festival was more packed with cars than I have seen in the past. There were lots of goodies to see and for once I spent more time chatting than taking pictures. The great turnout may have had something to do with the Good Guys Car Show being at the Budweiser Event Center the following weekend.

Like a mirror
Here's a beautiful 32 Ford HiBoy Hardtop Roadster shown by Wayne and Marcy Gross of Windsor, CO. I posted it up first because it is for sale and it'd be nice if I could help them sell it!

It probably won't last long

Utterly spotless everywhere

In as nice as out.

Clean details

The Mustang next door is clearly visible

Special thanks to my Dad who was with me and truly speaks the language of the old school Hot Rodders. It didn't hurt that the ladies all took a shopping trip that day too... Subsequently, we were able to make it through the entire show.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Winter is coming

Every Autumn we like to spend a couple of days in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. This October's trip we hit our first sight of snow this season, and found a face in the mountains.

Face looking skyward. Can you see it?

Valley below, snow above

Autumn and Winter meet at Sprague Lake

Friday, August 15, 2014

Denver Zoo

We try to get down to the Denver Zoo at least twice a year. We only made it once this time around. It gets harder as the schedules start to pile up. It's a great place to stop when visiting Denver. The new Elephant Passage Exhibit is immersive and beautiful.

The animals were out in droves for Teacher Appreciation Day and to top it off we all got All You Can Eat Ice Cream from Boulder Ice Cream Company. After all that ice cream we had to go downtown and visit Rioja, one of the best restaurants in Denver. Well anywhere for that matter...

Tigers out relaxing
I dare you not to yawn.

The name is Tank.

Somali Ass... Yes, I'm not kidding.

Okapi... OK.

Still Chill.

Friday, August 8, 2014

1955 Chevy Belair Hardtop

Here's a great little 55 Chevy Belair two door hardtop with a 327 V8, 700R4 Auto transmission and power brakes all the way around. A 10 bolt Nova 3.31 Posi differential puts the power to the road. It's got all the modern cool with all the nostalgia in one place. It even sports the original factory power seats. Rare bird, this one.

The last photo I have in my stock... I'm going to have to find some time to hit a few more shows!

More style than one car is allowed to have.

Ultra Clean 327 V8

Nice Trunk
2013 Windsor Harvest Festival Cruise In Car Show

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer Cleanup - BMW R1200C

For many years I watched these bikes. In parking lots, occasionally on the highway, and at the dealerships. Unfortunately, the high cost of entry kept me from jumping on one for a very long time. Then I started a slow and steady search on Craigslist. Checking the RSS feeds, looking for that perfect deal. After a couple of years I found it. A silver 2004 BMW R1200C.

I really wanted to find a Phoenix Edition bike, but something about this silver one grabbed my attention. It is a bit cleaner than stock with a couple minor mods; a Remus exhaust, the pencil beam driving lights, clear lenses, and a trimmed down seat. Truth be told, I appreciate the little bit of windshield when it is cold or drizzling and the bags turned out to be handy.

Yea, it doesn't have 200 HP or massive amounts of the twisty stuff, but it's good for 90 MPH if you need it. It turns nicely, stops fast and is reasonably comfortable for a 300 mile ride. I do wish it had a little more room in the cockpit and that the cylinders weren't quite so close to my toes in the summer, but in the winter it is nice to have a foot heater.

It's a good bike, it's solid and I like its German weirdness. It isn't exactly like the other hordes of American Iron and Japanese Speed I see everyday. Nothing against those makers at all. I still fantasize about a chopped Harley Davidson FXR and maintain  dreams of rebuilding my wrecked 1978 Yamaha SR500. The way I see it, if it has two wheels it is nothing but good.


Friday, July 25, 2014

1956 Mercury Montclair

Shown by Will Anderson of Fort Collins Colorado, this 1956 Mercury Montclair is as clean can be. This one features nicely detailed lake pipes and a big continental kit. Other features that stand out are the circular patterned wheels, the subtle striping and chrome that looks a hundred miles deep.

Chrome, with chrome, and a bit of extra chrome.

Lake Pipes aka Cut Outs

Continental Kit and cool wheel detail.
2013 Windsor Harvest Festival Cruise In Car Show

Friday, July 18, 2014

1941 Chevy 2 Door Sedan

Here's a beauty; a 1941 Chevy two door Sedan shown by Larry Horst of Windsor Colorado. The metallic red paint shows a mild patina and the stance of the car is perfect. Sure, the finish doesn't glow, but it sure shines and the ride means business. This is a driven Hot Rod; I like that. 

2013 Windsor Harvest Festival Cruise In Car Show

Friday, July 11, 2014

Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion

I found this unusual trike at the Trail Ridge Road Alpine Visitor's Center in Rocky Mountain National Park. I've never run across one of these before. I did look around for the owner, but was unable to locate him (her?). Maybe I didn't look around hard enough, but at 11,796 feet I didn't want to waste the oxygen.

The Thoroughbred Motorsports Stallion is powered by a 143 HP Ford four cylinder engine with a Ford 5 speed automatic with reverse. The hand-built motor trike is crafted in the U.S. and features a long list of luxuries that are usually reserved for vehicles with doors; things like air ride suspension with an on-board compressor and air conditioning and heat. They are distributed through Motor Trike Dealerships.

Is it a convertible Mini Cooper?

Stallion? Because the front-end is equine?

Steering wheel and cup holder = 3/4 car with no roof.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rocky Mountain National Park

It's hard to beat a stay in Estes Park at Murphy's River Lodge and a day exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. This year is particularly green with all the rain and snow we've had. Beautiful place. Have a great Independence Day!
The view from Murphy's River Lodge

Glacial valley

The western side of Long's Peak


Friday, June 27, 2014

1957 Chevy 3100 4x4

This 1957 Chevy 3100 Four by Four is beautifully put together. Just right in every way, it sits mildly high on its lift kit. Powered by a Chevy 350 it is just a perfect old truck. Shown by Paul Seevers from Johnston, Colorado. 

Chrome so clean it looks white

A V8 with room to work

Stepside in red
2013 Windsor Harvest Festival Cruise In Car Show