Friday, December 14, 2012

1982 Toyota Supra

There are a group of cultists out there that like these cars; I'm one of them. The Supra was simply a well built beast with a dual overhead cam straight six. What a great motor!

1982 Celica Supra mk2

I had the pleasure of living with this one for a few years. It was fun, quick enough to be a cop magnet, and funky enough for me to have had a car crush on it. I drove it to Montana a couple times during the few short "no speed limit" years. Pegging the 85 MPH speedometer between Billings and Bozeman was pretty cool.

Celica Supra

I had headers on it, a 2 1/4 inch exhaust and we punched out the catalytic converter. I picked up the over-sized Prime wheels through Ace Auto Sales in Boulder back when I used to run their Detail Shop. One of the mechanics and I had to modify the front fender flares to fit the meaty tires on it.

Supra Mark2
The good; a healthy engine with power, uber-adjustable seats, great cornering, independent suspension, and a limited slip differential.

The bad; vague power steering without much road feedback, poorly designed lock mechanisms, the weird paint job - I didn't do it, it was that way when I got it, and don't drive it in the snow. 

Photos were taken with my old 35mm Pentax ME SE in Longmont Colorado near Haystack Mountain.