Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Kustom Karmann Ghia

This is exactly why I keep a camera in the car- went to the local Safeway and saw this gem of a Karmann Ghia in the parking lot. It is owned by Sam, a professional car painter.
What a beautiful classic Volkswagen import and mostly original.
Attention to detail is evident all over this car, from the well done pin-striping to the 6-legged spider making his way down the side of the car from the antenna.
Original dash and original interior. Most of these have been redone and/or trashed, but this one is the real deal. Check the wheels- this is a very hard to find bolt pattern, made for the Karmann Ghia, these are fairly new issue wheels. Sam painted them to match the rest of the car and it really pulls it together well.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorado Sunrise Overload

Why are sunrise pictures rare? Too friggin' early... These are some of my favorite, insomnia-driven shots. Taken in Windsor, Colorado out on the plains.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Belmar Park in Bloom

Here are a few shots from a walk around Belmar Park in Lakewood, Colorado.
Green everywhere. Wildflowers, some flowers from a cultiavated garden, and a few old gems hidden away...

I don't know what the name of these are, but they are striking against the green in the background.

Always working, even when it is 99 degrees.

Wow ! A genuine Ford Model A, sitting quietly behind locked doors in an old barn.

Ford Model A

A hard-working old Case tractor locked up and waiting to go to work again someday.

Usagi san ! ( Mister Rabbit )

A beautiful Tiger Lily, only a few days left before it is gone for the year.

This must be what Lakewood looked like years ago when it was mostly rural.

A good place to take a rest on a hot summer day.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

AM General M 35A2 and M 35A3C

I spotted a 1966 AM General M 35A3C and a 1972 M 35A2 at Jax in Fort Collins while taking the Colorado Hunters Safety course with my daughter. Monstrous 6x6 military trucks, for sale; now this is a camper! Probably will need one of these for all her game...

1966 AM General M 35A3C

1972 AM General M 35A2

Friday, July 12, 2013

Synergy Green Camaro

SYNERGY. Perhaps the most over-used word of the first decade of the new millennium. I'll give it a pass in the case of Chevy's "Synergy Green". Sure, they could have been lessY2K about the name, but what the heck, it's vibrant and reminds me of the massive non-issue of the "Y2K bug".

Here's a late model Chevy Camaro I saw on I-25. I'm not a huge fan of the "New Camaro", but I do like the color, Synergy Green. Shot with a GoPro Hero HD at 30fps. Soundtrack is the outro of "Barking Mask" by velkro kitty. (c) Deichmann, Willetts. Performance credit; Dave Ortz - Drums, Jim Favero - Bass, Pete Deichmann - Guitars.


Friday, July 5, 2013

BMW R1200C Spring Country Ride

Playing with the GoPro HD again. This time it's hard-mounted to the crashbars on the BMW R12C.

 A ride around in the country, past Bruce's Saloon in Severance, and on Highway 14 in Northern Colorado. 

Soundtrack is Credit Card by Jim Favero. Performed by velkro kitty. (c) 1995 Favero. Performance credits; Jim Favero - Bass and Vocals, Pete Deichmann - Guitars and Vocals, Dave Ortz - Drums

Recorded at Time Capsule Studios in Denver Colorado.