Friday, February 7, 2014

1956 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

I've always been a fan of a Sedan Delivery. When I was a kid I had a Matchbox car named "VanTastic". I'm pretty sure it was loaded up with a miniature Black Les Paul Standard and a '76 Marshall half stack; maybe that was just my imagination. Later in life I ended up using this Chevy Van instead.

Now I can't help imagining delivering a stack of fresh-baked, Rackable, HP, or IBM Xeon servers in this wonderful, blue beast!  The blown 350 should provide just the right dose of horsepower to get the systems on site, right on time. Sure, the carb and scoop block the view a bit, but that'd be a sacrifice I'd be willing to make.

2013 Windsor Harvest Festival Cruise In Car Show