Friday, August 31, 2012

Nice Panhead- daily driver

The old-school tractor-type Harley seat is covered with some kind of exotic leather, looked like elephant  to me.

Staightleg Harley frame with tool box, vintage type oil cleaner, the flexpipe exhaust,  3.5 gal tanks, and a springer up front. Kick start, too.

Derby-type primary cover. floor boards.

I saw this Panhead around Lakewood and one day saw the bike and met the owner. Driven daily, it is a kick start with rigid frame , solo old school seat, fishtail pipes, toolbax, and drag bars. Schweeet. 



Mini Cooper convertible- S model , supercharged

This sharp BMW MiniCooper has the supercharger option ( S-model ), is a convertible and is just too much fun to drive. Surprisingly big interior for such a small car.

BMW hit a homer with the Mini.

Hawks and birds of prey

Birds of prey – hawks, owls, eagles, can be seen all over Denver.

Here are a couple of shots I took of these elusive creatures with my Canon Powershot

S5-IS.  That camera is smarter than I will ever be.

Still looking for my first owl pic.

This little guy is a Kestrel. Kestrels are actually Swallow-like FALCONS. They hover for prey , beating wings like a Kingfisher. (Thank you, Petersen Field Guides.)


Westin Hotel Indian Chief statue

Located at the Westin Hotel in Broomfield, Impressive representation of the larger-than-life likeness of an American Indian chief, replete with headress and a serious pipe.
Nice small pond with waterfall feature also. 

Tractors - In Lakewood, Colorado

From the Lakewood Autumn Harvest get together at Belmar Park. Out west, where Men are Men and Tractors are Badass.  Iron Wheels, Steel Seats , built to wreak havoc on Nature herself.  No soft tissue protection. BYOP - Pouch of RedMan not included.