Friday, November 30, 2012

Ford GT40 in Estes Park Colorado

I hate it when I get in a hurry. I snapped a few pics of this Ford GT40 club in Estes Park. I got in a rush and didn't get the greatest pics with the iPhone. Crapshots. One of the rules of photography is SLOW DOWN... Gotta remember that.

Slow down and GT40 just don't mix I guess.

Anyway, I went camping for a long weekend with the family and ran across this flock of rare birds at Saint Malo Church just outside of Estes Park. 

Feast your eyes.

Soaking in the Colorado autumn sun.

Check out the knock-off wheels
Driving back to Estes Park.

St. Malo Church, Estes Park, Colorado

The church is very pretty too.

You are being watched... Mountain Garter Snake in the twigs.