Friday, March 15, 2013

Testing GoPro HD on BMW R1200C

Another test drive on the BMW R1200C around the area with the GoPro HD camera. This time set on r4 and mounted in a different location using the suction cup again; left side of the windshield and lower. I'm not in love with the vibration transmitted to the camera through the mount. I will try hard mounting it to the crash bars in the near future. Also, with the wide angle lens, it is rough to get a close up of anything you are riding by or near.

There is a quick shot of a parked CanAm Spyder and a Harley. There is also a drive by of Bruce's Saloon in Severance, famous worldwide for its Rocky Mountain Oysters. Three varieties available; Beef, Buffalo, and Turkey. Yum.

The soundtrack is "Binaca Breath" and "Come Back" by velkro kitty (c) 1993, 1995 Pete Deichmann, Jim Favero, Paul McCormick.