Friday, May 23, 2014

Foose Stallion Mustang

I stopped in at Best Buy in Centerra the other day to pick up some parts for a client and there it is, a Foose designed 2007 Mustang! At least a 2007 is my best guess... 

In case anybody doesn't know about Chip Foose, go check this out. The partnership with Unique Performance that created the beast went south and got very ugly quite a few years ago. Too bad, it was a nice looking design. 

I don't have any specific details on this car but it is very nicely put together. I found references to the Foose Stallion here at the Mustang Forum and here at . I came out of the store as it drove off and it sounds as good as it looks. 

Mildly frenched headlights

Lowered just enough

Two Tone Red and Black

What's with the long face?

I snapped the shots with my Droid Ultra. Not too bad a camera for having a phone stuck to it...