Saturday, September 19, 2015

32 Ford HiBoy Roadster - After A Hiatus

After a really busy year I finally got around to visiting a car show. This year's Windsor Cruise-In during the Harvest Festival was more packed with cars than I have seen in the past. There were lots of goodies to see and for once I spent more time chatting than taking pictures. The great turnout may have had something to do with the Good Guys Car Show being at the Budweiser Event Center the following weekend.

Like a mirror
Here's a beautiful 32 Ford HiBoy Hardtop Roadster shown by Wayne and Marcy Gross of Windsor, CO. I posted it up first because it is for sale and it'd be nice if I could help them sell it!

It probably won't last long

Utterly spotless everywhere

In as nice as out.

Clean details

The Mustang next door is clearly visible

Special thanks to my Dad who was with me and truly speaks the language of the old school Hot Rodders. It didn't hurt that the ladies all took a shopping trip that day too... Subsequently, we were able to make it through the entire show.