Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spotlight on 2 local business catering to Classic car, motorcyle and all kind of automotive afficionados - Blast-Tech

This post spotlights Blast-Tech of Englewood,Colorado

We would like to call attention to two local business in this post. Both are in Englewood, Colorado on Kalamath Street, across the street from one another. I recently had the opportunity to meet these fine folks and would like to share my experience.

First, let me introduce Blast-Tech, Automotive paint and rust removal specialists.
I am currently restoring an antique piece of gym/boxing equipment.  It is a speed  bag platform made by Narragansett Machine Company. It is old, I think it is about 80 years old. It was finished at the factory by a method called Japanning. Japanning was used by Henry Ford (“any color, as long as it is black .”). Ford, Singer Sewing machines, and many other hard-wearing industrial items and equipment used Japanning, because it last for 80 years- or more. It does not come off ! My platform was in tough shape, I  have included the before and after pictures. Gary and his crew at Blast-Tech made these parts like they had just been taking out of the cast iron molds at the factory. See the before and after pics.

As I dropped off my parts and visited with them, they showed me around their shop- motorcycle frames, old exhaust manifolds, entire Porsche bodies, a 1963 Ford Galaxy, frames, fenders , front ends, wheels, leaf springs- all in a day’s work for Blast-Tech.

Many of our readers and followers of this blog are doing a project like this now or have done them before and you will agree - there is nothing like sand blasting to get the job done. When you do as many as Blast-Tech does, have a jig that holds a whole car frame and body so that you can rotate it and get at 360 degrees, ensuring complete rust removal for the customer.

I was very impressed by the people, the work being done and the service that they provided. We suggest you look them up when you tackle your next project.

Here are some pics from their shop with current customer projects-

Van with welded on patch panels being blasted and readied for body work.

New panels welded in place

When you do so many full car rust and paint removals, you have jigs to turn the whole car around 360 degrees- and put it on wheels to move easily about the shop.

Someone's motorcycle frame and fender after blasting.

Exhaust mainfolds ready to clean and blast.

Blast-Tech does the entire car in many cases. Gary Nardi the owner mentioned that he has done a few cars more than once- from one owner and then the next. Many failed projects are brought back to life after a thorough cleaning and sandblasting.

Body part from Denver Mattress' NASCAR car.

A Nice old 1963 Ford being readied for restoration.

Nothing like sandblasting to clean up 50 year old paint, grime, and rust off of the front end and frame as in this 1963 Ford.

Always popular Mustang in mid-process.



I have spent many afternoons with wire wheel and grinder on some of my motorcycle frames- not any more. Sandblasting is the only way to go.

Another Mustang - patch panels welded, will be smoothed out and sandblasted and ready for a full restoration.

All good candidates for a serious clean up and paint removal.

More customer cars in the blasting process.

Gary's office- he is a car guy , for sure.

A Bathtub Porsche sitting quietly awaiting a new lease on life.

Here is my project- 80 year old cast iron-parts of a Narragansett Machine Company speedbag

My Project- Before # 1

Before- # 2

Before- # 3

and.... After !

80 year old cast iron- now beautiful again.

Ready to prep and paint.

Excellent work, love the way this turned out.

3775 S Kalamath St,
Englewood, CO 80110
(303) 806-9992
ask for Gary Nardi.